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In 1791 Charles Rashleigh began to develop the port of Charlestown which prospered with the growth of the china clay industry until  challenged by  J T Treffry when he constructed the port of Par, they became bitter rivals.  Lord Rashleigh lived at Nanscawen Manor House and out of respect for this history  we have placed the Treffry and Rashleigh suites are at opposite ends of  the house.  One can still see the tall ships  in the harbour today, and even sail in one for a day.

Lerryn is now a sleepy village divided by stepping stones across the River Lerryn.  Here one can enjoy a peaceful walk through woodlands alongside  the Lerryn creek and the River Fowey through Ethy woods to the idyllic setting of St Winnow Church. This is one of our most favourite walks,  you can see why from the photograph which  Keith took in Ethy woods  this springtime. The location has often been used for films and some of the scenes from Poldark were shot here.

Golitha Falls: Here the River Fowey  naturally drops and cascades through beautiful woodland in a series of falls.  Down in the valley one can see evidence of the area`s past industrial history, by following the woodland walk you will see a massive wall.  This was built in the 1850s to take a large  water wheel that was used in the Wheal Victoria Mine. This is an      extremely pretty walk full of natural beauty and       interest.

Minions  village is a thousand feet above sea level here one can visit the highest pub in Cornwall, the Cheeseswring Hotel.  Then take a walk to the Cheesewring, a group of balancing granite rocks then on to the ancient 4000 year old Hurlers these  are a series of Bronze age  stone circles.  Beyond the Cheesewring is an Iron Age hill fort, one can certainly have a wonderful time in this historical area of Bodmin Moor.

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